Comfort Glow Electric Stoves

Easy and Inexpensive to Install!
A Comfort Glow electric stove will enhance your decor and provide an
economical way to reduce the expensive operating cost of
central heating.

  • Heat Output: 5,000 BTUs
  • Watts: 1,500
  • Voltage: 120V / 60 Hz
  • Amps: 15, Grounded Plug

Click Here To See The Electric Fireplace Remote For The CGESBMRA
Note: This remote control must remain
within 8 meters or 26 feet of the fireplace to
be effective.

Comfort Glow Electric Stoves

Model Description



Electric Stove-Small

  • Heater On/Off
  • Grey



Electric Stove

  • Black
  • Glass Door
  • Heater On/Off
  • Heat Adjustment
  • Remote Control Included
27" Electric Stove


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